SPTA Wool Buffing Polishing Pads, 3Pcs 5″ (125mm) Coarse Medium Cutting Car Wool Polishing Pads, Premium 100% Wool Cutting Pad with Hook and Loop for Car Polisher Car Polishing and Buffing -WPMIXS5


【High Quality Material】SPTA wool buffing pads are made of 100% natural wool hook, elastic and pure natural materials, which are environmentally friendly and will not leave hair floating during use. The wool pillow is washable, repeated use, reduce costs, economical economy.
【Easy to Use】 When used with polishing liquid, paste, powder, the polished surface can achieve better polishing effect, suitable for the vast majority of pneumatic, electric abrasive polishing machines on the market. The wool buffing pad won’t jump and hope all over the job and it won’t generate too much heat which makes the paint less likely to burn.
【Wide Application】Polish pad oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches, paint sanding scratches and hard top coats and clear coats. Removing marks and scratches and oxidation from painted automotive and wood floor surfaces suitable for cutting.
【More Aggressive】Distinction Between Wool Sponge Pad and Foam Pad: Compared to foam pad, wool is simply the faster medium, it cuts faster. As a rule of thumb, start with a wool buffing pad and finish with a foam pad. Natural wool is more aggressive than wool blend, microfiber and foam. Thanks to this, the wool pad has a perfect performance in removing scratches and oxidation from painted surfaces.
【What You Get】3 pcs 5 inch (125mm) 100% wool polishing pads, 1 pc purple heavy cut wool pad, 1 pc beige medium cut wool pad, 1 pc orange light cut wool pad.

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