OTUAYAUTO Auto Care Wool Polishing Pad, 3pcs 8-inch (230 mm) 100% Wool Hook-and-Loop Polishing Pads and 1pc M14 Polishing Machine Backing Plate


👍 Professional Wool polishing pad set – This polishing bonnet pads come with 3pcs 8-inch (230 mm) 100% wool hook-and-loop polishing pads and 1pc M14 polishing machine backing plate
👍 Materiel High quality material – Buffing wheel pads are made with 100% natural wool hook, it has elastic and pure natural materials, which is environmentally friendly and will not leave floating hair during use. The wool pad is washable, repeated use, reduce cost, economic economy
👍 Multiple uses and functions – Our polisher bonnet can be applied in furniture, automotive, metal, bronze, wood lacquer, kitchen appliances, musical instruments, special surfaces, polishing parts and final polishing.
👍 Easy to identify and use – It is not only convenient to install, but also more comfortable in the process of use, proper expansion, not easy to slip, more comfortable to use.More than the ordinary fiber, wipe without resistance, not scratch the surface of objects, not easy to fade.
👍 Quality after-sales service – For your worry-free shopping experiences,MIKKUPPA Auto Care Car Polisher Pad Bonnet promise a 1-year warranty and 100% free exchange if product is defective.

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