LuckyHigh Electric Dual 4-1/4″ Polisher Buffer Bench Top Machine Variable Speed Mini Jewelry Bench Polisher for Jewelry, Wood, Silver, Amber Polishing


This buffer is used for polishing jewelry, aluminum, chrome, acrylic dental materials, metal parts or plastic parts.
This bench polisher has variable speed dial. Adjustable speed range 2000 -7000RPM(without any accessories). Different speeds to polish different materials.
The 2 black bonnets (Spindle Sleeves) are marked with “L” and “R”. “L“ bonnet (Spindle Sleeve) should be installed at left side of the machine, “R” bonnet (Spindle Sleeve) should be installed at right side.
This buffing machine is made with a stable cast iron base. The 4 rubber feet of the buffing machine keep it on a table or any workbench stablely.
This polishing machine comes with two tapered spindles for holding buffs and brushes up to a 4-1/4″ (108mm) in diameter.

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