JORUGUNA 10 Pack Diamond Hand Polishing Pads Glass Granite Concrete Sanding Pads Diamond Sponge Hand Polisher Pads 60 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 Grit


10 Combined Hand Polishing Pads: Considering the polishing consumption of each grit number, we specially match 10 combined diamond hand polishing pads. There are 4 kinds of electroplating grit number, 3 of #60, 2 of #100, 1 of #200, 1 of #400, 3 kinds of resin grit number, 1 of #800, 1 of #1500, 1 of #3000.
Soft Sponge Polishing Pad: The groove design on both sides of diamond manual polishing pad is intimate and humanized, which is conducive to better grasp and polishing when using, and improve the efficiency of polishing operation.
Wear-resistant Easy Operation, High Strength: #60, #100, #200 and #400 are used in high strength emery, with good compression resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance.
Exquisite Polishing: #800, #1500 and #3000 are full of resin particles, making polishing more delicate, higher brightness, suitable for fine grinding and repair.
Widely Used: Manual polishing pad is designed for manual operation more convenient, do not need a machine, can be rock plate, ceramic tile, marble trimming, glass deburring, metal polishing, wood grinding, etc., very wide range of application.

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