Jewelry Polisher, Bench Buffer Polisher for Jewelry Making, Woodcrafting, Dental, Manual DIY – 350W 10000 r/min Multi-Function Bench Grinder Polishing & Buffing Machine


【Stable Without Vibration】This benchtop buffer polisher is made with a cast iron base providing a weighted and stabilized platform for reduced vibration, while also eliminating potential damage often caused by vibrational buffering. 4 rubber feet help keep the buffing machine in place on a table for light use.
【Multi-functional】This jewelry polisher can quickly polish jewelry, aluminum, chrome, metal or plastic parts, or attach it to a flexible shaft or drill chuck for engraving, fully functional. It can be used as a polisher, engraving tool, drill press, grinder stand, cleaning, sanding, cutting or rust removal tool for different DIY projects.
【Adjustable Speed】The bench buffer polishing machine has a powerful motor of 350W, which can start quickly within 0.1 seconds, and the variable speed disc can adjust the speed to 10,000 rpm. Different speeds to deal with different materials.
【Lightweight Table Grinder Polisher】Whether you’re a professional in a busy workshop or a hobbyist making DIY projects, this polisher buffer can be used anywhere without taking up too much space.
【Multi-functional Accessories】Comes with fiber wheel *2 and grinding wheel *2. Fiber wheel is softer and is for polishing metal parts or jewelry. Grinding wheel is harder and is for Rust removal, metal workpieces or wooden.

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