GRACEFUR Lambs Wool Polishing Buffing Pad Hook and Loop Soft Cutting Pad 3″/4″/5″/6″/7″ Available Polisher for Auto Car (6″-2pack)


Premium Lambskin: This polishing pads is manufactured genuine premium Australia sheepskin, soft and less aggressive.
Easy to used: Hook and loop on the back of the wool pad, just stick it on the back pad to use it, very convenient to change, fits for most polisher/buffer.
It is great to be used to remove swirl marks and scratches and oxidation from painted item surfaces, such as car, boat, airplane, wood finishes, glass and so on.
Washable and durable. The sheepskin buffer pad will last more longer time and save your money from exchange wasted pads.
Note: It is normal for there are some floating wool hair on the polishing pad when you first use it. It has no affect to your washing job.

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