Buffer Polisher for Car Detailing,600W 110V/3500rpm Auto Polishing Machine,14 Items Variable Speed Car Polisher for Car Polishing/Sanding/Waxing/Sealing/Glaze


[The number of revolutions can be adjusted freely] It is a speed change electric polisher equipped with a 6-speed speed change function, so you can select the appropriate speed to suit the exact surface material and work application. Equipped with a stepless speed change function, the rotation speed can be adjusted steplessly by turning the adjustment dial, and you can switch between low speed and the speed you want to adjust with one touch.
[High-performance rotary polisher] 700W output, maximum 3500RPM, low noise, motor that can fully meet professional needs. The heat-resistant copper wire motor has a long working time and does not cause burns. High performance electric vehicle polishers help increase efficiency.
[Lightweight, variable speed control] Lightweight and compact structure makes it easy to carry and store. Variable speed dials allow users to control speeds from 500 to 3500 RPM for different tasks and materials, improving work efficiency.
[Applicable range] This polishing machine is ideal not only for automobiles, but also for home use such as floor waxing, metal scale removal, furniture waxing, and jade polishing.
[Easy to use even for beginners] Long cables can handle most situations. Case M14 thread design, easy to install adhesive disc. With a portable and non-slip handle, you won’t get stuck in all your progress.

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