Buffer Polisher AT-1500-2 Pneumatic Angled Sander Polishing Machine 90 Degree Eccentric Grinding Tools for Grinding and Polishing


MATERIAL: The buffer polisher is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy materials, which is very durable and stable. Good materials enable it to be used for a long time
ADVANTSGES: The machine rotates at a fast speed and has a strong grinding force. In addition, it has small size, high polishing efficiency, and it is very easy to operate. So it can improve your high work efficiency
WIDE USE: The buffer polisher is very suitable for grinding and polishing of small area hardware, furniture, plastic, paint and other products. This product can be widely used in life
FEATURES: The features of orbital polisher includes low noise gear transmission, higher precision, quiet grinding and it has long service life
SPECIFICATIONS: Working Air Pressure: 90psi/6.2bar, Chuck Size: Approx. 6mm/0.2in, Grinding Disc Size: Approx. 2/3 in, No-load Speed: 16000rpm, Air Consumption: 4cfm

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